Welding 4130 Metal Tubing – Tig Welding Chromoly Up in Right here

4130 Chromoly tubing is used for every kind of functions, however 2 of the primary ones are for airplanes and for racing absolutely anything from bikes, to mountain bikes, to go-carts.

AISI 4130 tubing is powerful. It is real robust. So the explanation it’s so in style amongst race car and airplane builders can use thinner tubing and that interprets into velocity and fewer weight.

Welding 4130 metal tubing isn’t that arduous. There appears to be some mystique round it but it surely really welds higher than plain carbon metal.

So then whats all of the fuss about?  Properly there’s one factor. If it cools too shortly, 4130 chromoly tubing can be laborious and brittle within the warmth affected zone of the weld.

Thats the primary factor to be involved about. So how do you forestall the weld space from cooling too shortly?

  1. Be sure that the ambient temperature is above 60 levels F.
  2. Use a small propane torch to preheat weld space to about 100-150 F. 300 levels F if room air is under 60 levels.
  3. Weld a little bit bit slower than you’ll for plain carbon metal.
  4. Dont use 4130 tig welding rods. Use E70S2.
  5. By no means velocity cool something.

Some ceaselessly requested questions on tig welding 4130 metal tubing are:

Q. Do I have to warmth deal with the weld when I’m carried out welding?

A. No, the time period warmth deal with is usually misused. What’s often meant in terms of welding chromoly is “stress relief”. A stress relief will be carried out with an oxyfuel torch and a 900 diploma F temp stick or a digital pyrometer. However it’s often pointless until the thickness exceeds one eighth inch ERW tubes.

Q. Do I have to again purge my Chromoly welds with argon gas?

A. It all the time helps, however take into consideration what number of oxy acetylene welds there are on the market doing superb that had been carried out with no purge.

Q. What about utilizing 308 stainless for welding chromoly?

A. there’s a bunch of debate on Baja Racing boards on this topic. I can inform you that a lot of welders are utilizing er308 tig welding rod with success, however for airplanes, E70S2 is the way in which to go.  One factor that may not happen to you that it’s best to contemplate is that in the event you ever wanted to weld restore one thing and all you had was a gas welding torch, the E70s2 could be simply welded over with an oxyfuel rig.  The 308 stainless welds? Not a lot.

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